Our 2022 End-of-Year Recap

January 18, 2023by capereserveknoxville

2022 proved to be an incredible year for the Cape Reserve team. From various travel and business trips and time spent together as a team, our last year’s accomplishments and memories set the stage for an even stronger year ahead. Let’s take a look back on our core memories with our end-of-year recap.

Exploring Nashville’s Top Spots for Team Night

Nothing beats a night out with our team as we parade around Nashville and visit the city’s top spots!  Our entire team would gather a few times a month for team night to strengthen our bonds outside of the office for more cohesive and successful bonds in the office. This approach has proven to help us accomplish more of our goals. We went to various top-notch, noteworthy restaurants to enjoy delicious food and got a little competitive at Topgolf at some of our outings. Other events included game nights and potluck dinners.

Professional Development Conferences

Our team had the privilege to get back to traveling for business (and pleasure!) for multiple conferences and seminars this year. It felt great to get back to developing our skills among industry professionals across the country! We had three that really stood out to us: our National Conference, Keys to Success, and Top Gun weekend.

Our National Conference was held in Dallas, Texas, and we took home multiple awards and were recognized for our successes in the prior year. We thoroughly enjoyed getting dressed up and matching with our crew and hearing from industry leaders about different areas of professional development. We also visited Orlando, FL, for our Keys to Success conference and attended the Top Gun weekend in California for top performers in our business! The Cape Reserve team was excited to learn from our colleagues about their successes and how they got there while traveling coast-to-coast!

Leisure Trips with Our Crew

When it came to traveling in 2022, we can’t help but reflect on how memorable our year was as we traveled beyond business with our team that became family. After multiple business trips, we knew we wanted to be by each other’s sides while traveling for fun!

This past year, we came together for an astounding trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Augusta, Georgia, for the Masters golf tournament. While in Cabo, we soaked up the sun’s rays and created memories that will last a lifetime, building our trust and support for each other when we return to work! We counted our lucky stars that we were able to attend the Masters golf tournament since the majority of our crew are big golfers. We enjoyed watching history be made on the course by golf legends.

The Best is Yet to Come

We are excited about the growth and success we found as a team in 2022 and cannot wait to see what 2023 has in store here at Cape Reserve. We plan to travel more, attend countless professional seminars, and build a top marketing team in Nashville! Keep checking our blogs to see what we are up to in 2023!